The Symposium

The Student Council Symposium is a forum for students, post docs, and young researchers in the fields of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. The 1st Brazilian Student Council Symposium will be held at Federal University of Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte on November 16th as a Satellite Meeting of the X-Meeting 2016 - 12th International Conference of the AB3C. The talks will be at the Auditorium III in the Biological Sciences Institute (ICB).


Registration for the 1st Brazilian Student Council Symposium is being managed via Event3 System under the X-Meeting Conference Page: If you have any question, contact us via the Contact Page. We will be glad to help you.

Symposium Program

Beginning of the X-Meeting Registration.
A brief presentation of the Regional Student Group - Brazil and our aims.
Title: Careers in Bioinformatics
Abstract: In today's parlance, bioinformatics engages researchers from the area of life sciences, systems biology and clinicians. Conferences aim to facilitate greater synergy between these diverse groups, with workshops to encourage bioinformatics students and new researchers. However, to many students and young researchers, pursuing a career in a multi-disciplinary area such as bioinformatics poses a great challenge. A collection of tips is presented here to provide signposts on the road to a career in bioinformatics. An overview of the application of bioinformatics to traditional and emerging areas, is also presented to provide possible future avenues of bioinformatics investigation.
A little break for coffee.
Title: Gene order evolution and Paleogenomics
Abstract: Soon.
Title: From pathogens to glycoprotein cell factory: the contribution of system biology and synthetic biology to understand and modify the Leishmania metabolism
Abstract: Soon.
Title: Metagenomics: How microbes are changing our life and how to deal with it?
Abstract: A talk about background in Metagenomics. It's amazing how this field is growing with a lot of discovery on the importance of microbes for out health.
Title: Clustering of Biomedical Data in the Era of Big Data
Abstract: Equipped with sophisticated biochemical measurement techniques we generate a massive amount of biomedical data that needs to be analyzed computationally. One long-standing challenge in automatic knowledge extraction is clustering. We seek to partition a set of objects into groups such that the objects within the clusters share common traits. The talk will give a general overview of a cluster analysis, and discusses the consequences of the various decisions a practitioner has to make during the process. Besides the common cluster analysis, the increasing dataset size poses new challengers to the researchers. There exist plenty of efficient clustering algorithms but most of them are not suitable for biomedical datasets as they require an embedding of the objects in a n-dimensional space. This prevents utilizing highly sophisticated similarity functions enriched with domain information; but resorting to such a pair-wise similarity function is necessarily quadratic in runtime and thus unfeasible for large-scale datasets. In this talk, it is demonstrated that many of the pairwise similarities are redundant and a subset of these similarities is already sufficient for maintaining the cluster structure. Furthermore, the strategic exploitation of this fact can speed-up cluster analyses significantly not by optimizing the clustering itself but by reducing the amount of the necessary preliminarily work of calculating the pairwise similarities while maintaining the result quality.
A moment to thanks all the attendees.
A coffee break before the X-Meeting Opening Cerimony.